Saturday, July 30, 2011

what's up, internet?

I am now 5+ weeks in and I have yet to be the direct cause of anyone's demise! A rousing success!

The main thing I have learned: Aaron has been holding out on me lo these many years. I walk in from work and having successfully gotten the children to and from daycare he's got them scrubbed* and flowers on the table** and is serving a little something he whipped up from the pantry* wearing his oven mitts and apron.** Which reminds me, I never told you about how on his trip in May he was openly mocked by his fellow plane passengers for drinking diet coke. Hm, I started out trying to say something nice back there at the beginning of the paragraph, didn't I? Who can remember at this point?

**not true

Ollie. Has learned NO. He had it in him all along, but now he can SAY it. This is looking to be a more discipline-heavy toddlerhood than that of other children we have spawned.

He does have an appreciation of nuance though. If your question does not provoke an unequivocal NO he is the first to admit his ignorance, in a gesture passed down from generation to geeky generation.

Here he is at the air show ("par broil your children with a hint of jet fuel") prior to the tragic moment when our path diverged with that of the yellow line. He's got a touch of the family OCD, that one.

Dylan learned that I was holding out on her and have the capability and equipment to make hair straight.
While I do not personally think young children require all that much grooming, my personal young child REALLY wants to be groomed.

It is weird to have dropped off the face of the internet to this extent. I'll be around more this month since I have a lighter schedule and a backlog of pictures.

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