Wednesday, March 30, 2011

learnin' revisited

So, when last we peeked in on Kindergarten Drama, I had initially thought Dylan would surely get in to any one of four great options, which would all be, obviously, great. Then we learned that one of the city ones, which was my fourth choice anyway, would likely be cutting all their arts. Even if she gets in there, which isn't guaranteed, we're now not sure about sending her there.

Next up, the small private school. Dylan got a spot there, and we love it, but we decided to put off accepting a place until we find out if she gets in to one of the other two (free) options. This evening was the information session for one of them, the charter school. It sounds like their funding, although public, is stable, and their presentation was even more impressive than I had expected. It is exactly what I want for Dylan. And, at the end of the HOUR AND A HALF we all sat there, they informed us that because of higher than expected sibling enrollment there will be SIX(!) spots for kindergarten next year in the lottery. There must be at least 100-150 applications. The lottery is on Monday, but I feel silly having even considered it an option.

The fourth option is the bilingual school. Dylan had the language screening they require last week. They took her away to do it, so I don't know what happened, but she said it went well. They are VERY vague about their process so I can't tell if the screening is pass/fail and if you pass you're entered into a lottery, or if it's more nuanced than that. I found a document online that I don't imagine they meant to be online saying that the decisions for that one are mailed the week of May 9th.

So I'm not sure how this happened, but it seems like we are down to one public school that we like with any real (where "real" may be ~40%) possibility of her getting in, and the private school, where she may or may not lose her spot if we wait too long. My failsafe is a year at the kindergarten at daycare, then applying again for the private school. Or moving.

This is all sort of discouraging, since we didn't leave town and we didn't move at least in part because we thought some of these schools would be great. I don't think we can do anything differently at this point, but it's hard that we won't know how it works out for over a month yet, maybe two. I know she'll do fine wherever she is, but I feel pretty invested in giving her a really engaging experience.

Monday, March 28, 2011

rinse cycle

Ollie is not kidding about being ready for summer.
Okay, that's not really true. Dylan is the only one who remembers summer. He's just modeling stuff.
As is Snuffy, ever the fashion-conscious canine.

Ollie continues down The Devil's Own Path. Here he regards me defiantly while turning up the volume on the stereo as loud as it goes. Then he dances.
In comparison these ones seem like no trouble at all. Although some could make better choices at the dog park, is all I'm saying.

There is something indescribably nerdy about whipping out your iPhone in an Apple Store to take a picture of your toddler at their computer. Yet, here we are.
He takes things one step further than wanting to do whatever Dylan does (she's at another computer, instigating his need to have one too)--he just assumes he already CAN do whatever she's doing. Reading, computing, swimming (NOT SAFE! keeps putting face in water), whatever. Actually it's been fun because he can do more than I would have guessed, or tried, without Dylan around, and he understands more than I would have thought. She is also highly supportive of his efforts, particularly the ones that mess with me. She's always either physically helping him get into stuff, encouraging him, distracting me, or copying him. That is how both children end up in the dishwasher at once, for example. Bath time! I'll even put the temperature setting down a notch, for the sake of the children.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


We have, as you know, determined that we are not only remaining in Rochester, but remaining in our very own house. Nonetheless, we seem to be in search of that life-upheaval experience. We're rearranging a lot of rooms and figuring out if we can finish the basement, which would involve so much furniture- and stuff-shuffling that we'll get all the inconvenience of moving with none of the being in a new house charm. Not only that, we've been acting like total tourists. In the past couple weeks I've been to four new restaurants and one recreated olde thyme village.

We started with the house rearranging by adding an island to the kitchen, which takes up all the floor space but adds 50% more counter space. We've been hanging out there constantly, so four chunky thumbs up from the children thus far.


Aaron's tip of the day: If possible, avoid giving blood then proceeding directly to a weekend-long bachelor party.


The kids are so desperate to get outside we took them out biking in the cold the other day. Ollie was pleased to be placed on a bike, although I think he considers it a prop at this point.

I'm on a bike

We got an awesome yet-to-be revealed, yet-to-be-assembled contraption that should let all four of us go on longish rides together this summer.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

chocolate and the teeth to eat them

Ollie's gums are still fighting the good fight with his molars, so there's some ongoing collateral from that. He was stumbling around in exhaustion this evening, clawing at his face. Only ice cream could help. I understand, I feel that way all the time.


We started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this evening with Dylan. Just as good (and weird) as I remember. She loves it, and notes it makes her want chocolate. I feel that way all the time, too.

Monday, March 21, 2011

more catching up

I was cleaning off a shelf full of junk this evening. There was a candle on it, so I lit it because using it would obviously make things cleaner. Aaron got back from the gym and asked whether I had it burning to exorcise whatever had possessed Ollie (combination of incipient molar+fever/snot-thing[technical term from medical school]) and then I realized that YES THAT WAS IT. Sorry kid, I didn't appreciate how low maintenance you usually are, but now I do, okay?


Aaron was complaining last weekend about having to get up at 2am to change the clocks.


I'm glad they did the new thing with the rear-facing car seats until age 2 (more technical speak from all my learnin'), although I do wonder if the people making the recommendations realize that children start to drive at 16, and should probably be out of booster seats by then. But really, Ollie's big head does seem safer with all that extra support and he's got Dylan to keep him company so he doesn't mind being backwards and we have these honking big car seats for Dylan so she can be in a 5-point harness until she's like 50. I think some child safety stuff is overblown, but probably not this one.


For a while I thought we had the school thing pretty much under control, with four great options, any of which would make us happy. Then I visited one that I liked, but the tour guide said the plan with the current budget is to cut ALL art and music. Less than encouraging, and it made us worry about both of the city schools we have on the list, although I guess things can change by the time school starts. The private school offered Dylan a spot, but wants to know right away if she'll come. And we don't know how the budget stuff affects the charter school, which is still public money, if I have any understanding at all of how charter schools work. The lottery for that one is in a couple weeks.


Back at it. We don't need no spring.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Miscellaneous Catch Up. But Not Ketchup.

First things first. I can't believe I missed posting this one with the Toronto pics since it's one of my favorites.
A few things of note:
1) All Those Chins
2) The crib is indeed stuffed halfway into the closet. Worked well, sleep-wise. While awake he would mostly press his little face up against the bars in the direction of freedom, however. Freedom!
3) The brown stuffed animal is a beaver given to him by the hotel. Those nice Canadians.
4) Is he kidding? Who can sleep like that?


Next up, one more Match Day picture. I got to be in one!
Notable items regarding this picture include:
1) The sheer volume of Aaron's beard.
2) Ollie's Piece is slightly askew.
3) Ollie wishes he were elsewhere.
4) Dylan does, too, and she can tell me, in the same tone as when she had eaten her green beans: "Mommy, I didn't want to go to your special ceremony, but I did anyway!" [There was a pizza party for St Patrick's Day at daycare at the same time. I am not qualified to compete with that.]
5) We are still toting around that piece of paper, as if the next three years of our lives depended on it.


And on to the Random Thoughts section. I'll keep on numbering, to keep things in line around here.

1) Should I do a six week Boot Camp? I have a bit of time now, and I think I would like it, but it's at 6am three days a week.

2) Why are all the good things in Rochester, MN? If I don't tell Google about being in NY it tempts me with all the amenities they have to offer before I realize the truth. Same goes for Monroe County, Indiana.

3) Aaron and I got to see Paul last night. If you like Shaun of the Dead et al we highly recommend it. If you don't like copious gratuitous swearing we do not. Also recommended: getting out, on occasion.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dylan makes a cameo

As do such pieces of paper as the one in the previous post.

Match Day for Students

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gone North, And Back. Like, a week and a half ago.

And here we are. Again.

Yes, it's that time of year, where we leave the ice cold windy winter in Rochester for the icier colder windier shores of Toronto. It was: rainy.

I started that like, the Thursday of the trip, which was not this past Thursday. It's been all I can manage just to get the pictures off my camera (on surgical ICU rotation), so the only commentary I will give is that Dylan, impressed with my underwater swimming ability, announced, Mommy! You look like a whale!

Friday, March 11, 2011

posts pending!

Hi, hi. I've been trying to post for at least a week, with little success. I'm on an ICU rotation and my current shift goes until 6am tomorrow, so patience, patience.

On order:
  • Last weekend was the 4th! Annual Toronto in March Expedition
  • School update
  • Minor changes we have made in our house and as long as I'm at it I'll let you know my plans for eating breakfast tomorrow
  • Likely there will be pictures of children and maybe dogs

And there you have it.