Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Travelogue: Canada I

We're back from the Third Annual Toronto In March Trip: For Suckers Who Go North In Winter. It was warmer there, 50 degrees and sunny the whole time. Who's laughing now, Upstate New York? Eh?

The first order of business was to confine the children one way or another.

That accomplished, we were off to gawk at fancy celebrities...

...and their children! The blogs want to know, who is young Ollie wearing this evening?

There were narrow escapes from bats,

Joe the Camel-a-Saurus,

and rafflesia, of the rotting flesh odor (ref: Kate's report on same, circa 1991).

Go team! Stay tobacco free!

Dylan got to see Disney on ice. She was pleased.

Minnie is sort of high maintenance though. Always fussing unless someone is holding her.

There was this guy, now will full use of his hands, if full use is considered enough control to meddle in all things. The meddling! I just want a drink of water! You can start eating in a few weeks. Patience, please. Background: Canadian TV, which is somehow far better.

The Bathrobians, all robed up and nowhere to go. Except the pool. Which they did go to. The treadmills overlook the pool (so...hot) so they got to watch me turn from pink to red to purple as I ran.

And there was tea. The children's version was labeled "Mad Hatter's Tea Party," although the connection was unclear. There were supposed to be door prizes for the kids. We figured Dylan was a shoo-in as there were no other children in evidence (we were prepared to take action had there been), but we left empty handed. Although! Full of cake and scones. Did you know that "having tea" actually means stuffing your face with dessert, mid-afternoon? I don't even like tea! But I like "tea." Oh yes.

There was a window next to our table overlooking the street. I couldn't see Dylan standing in the window from where I was sitting, but I could see all the passers-by start grinning as they saw her. I hope they were smiling because of the cute little girl, not because of the little girl making obscene gestures, or some such.

We inexplicably have two more trips to Canada scheduled in the next couple months, so stay tuned for Canada II: the Canadaing and Canada III: Canadian Bacon Gone Wild.

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