Tuesday, March 02, 2010

baby poop

Ollie has had about the worst week ever. He writhes around uncomfortably all day, even when I'm holding him. There's been standing water in his diaper a couple times. I haven't had my hands free even for a couple minutes for days on end. I was gearing up for another wacko elimination diet to figure out what terrible thing I've eaten to do this when it occurred to me--maybe he just has diarrhea, and is not manning up, as Aaron suggested he do. I was surprised because he'd already had a few weeks where it seemed like he had outgrown the worst of the food sensitivity, and I'd gotten his eczema to clear up just by cutting back on dairy a bit. Then, unlikely though it seems, I continued thinking--wait a minute, he got that rotavirus vaccine by mouth last Monday, and has been irritable with yucky diapers since about 24 hours later. Maybe all this searching around for an acceptable vegan dessert (I ate a baked apple stuffed with sugar and cinnamon last night...okay, but even sugared fruit is not dessert) is unnecessary. I looked it up and they do say the vaccine can cause mild diarrhea. I think he's getting better now, but is still uncomfortable. He's supposed to get another dose in 5 weeks. Awesome. They weren't even giving this vaccine when Dylan was a baby.


Dylan was just about the age Ollie is now when we plopped her in the exersaucer and she commenced to eat it.

Encouraged (Put the baby in the seat and come play with me Mommy!), and photographed, by Dylan, we tried Ollie in it this weekend.

He knew what to do.

Ollie signaled with his existence that he would like Dylan's help.

Happy to oblige, sir. Might I steer you toward something less tasty?

Things soon took an ugly turn.

MOOOOOOM! The puppet's eating Ollie.

We figure he's in a better place now. One with no diarrhea.

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