Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For the record

We're back, we're tired. All that hanging around in 12 inches of water wears a girl out.

I can't seem to muster the presence of mind to string words together in an entertaining way. I'll settle for stringing words together. So, for the record:

-It is now clear who Ollie looks the most like: Dylan. With like 80% less hair.

-I started feeding him oatmeal yesterday. He was like, I don't know what you're doing, but I like it.

-At four months he is routinely sleeping 7-9 hours in a row, starting between 11pm to 1am. He's still uncomfortably gassy and screamy a lot in the evening, so I'm not sure if he'll sleep so well at night when he stops wearing himself out from all the yelling. Maybe I just don't trust him since Dylan was an unpredictable sleeper until she turned two.

-I'm still having trouble getting him to nap in a bed even once a day, but it's getting a little better and some days he'll hang out with my happily while I try to do stuff around the house. He likes the jogging stroller so when all else fails at least I can get some exercise.

-He screeches A LOT. He sounds like a yipping puppy sometimes. Per blog history Dylan did the same thing.

-I am now up on many many tv shows that I don't really want to be knowledgeable about (see: bedtime, Ollie's; Olympics, ending of). There is a little girl on Parenthood who more or less IS Dylan.

-Dylan is more fun than ever and more crazy and complicated than ever. Three-year-olds: are nuts.

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