Monday, March 22, 2010


The White House website has a Q&A about the health care legislation. It features such questions as "Will the government take my choice of doctor away?" ("No.") and "What are you going to do about all the confusing forms I have to fill out?" ("Make it simple.")

If we're going down this road, I have a few questions for you also, White House. "At what point will the government finally take action on the light bulb in the dining room that burned out in a burst of flames several weeks ago?" "Why does the carbon monoxide detector continue to make alarming noises, even while denying the presence of carbon monoxide?" "When will you, the White House, come up with a fix for getting the four-month-old to nap, an issue that has not been adequately addressed either by the government safety net or the private market?"

Now I am off to tackle the burning question of how to make some yummy trail mix while holding an interfering infant.

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