Friday, March 12, 2010

Stuff I Like

For Ollie
Now that he has grabby action, toys are fun. This one is nice because he can really get a good grip on it, rattle it, and gnaw on it.

I like this one because I remember having the same one when Tommy was a baby. Endlessly satisfying.

The moby wrap I didn't have with Dylan, but I wish I had. It's certainly more ergonomic than either of my pregnancies. Ollie likes it because he can burrow his little head into it to sleep. It also goes nicely with rafflesia.

I didn't have these vitamin D drops with Dylan either, but they're much nicer than the usual nasty kind that stains everything and tastes horrible, at least judging by the expression on Dylan's face every time I ever gave it to her.We got this bath pillow after a friend mentioned having one, and it's been great. We've been able to bathe both kids in the tub at once since bringing Ollie home.

For Dylan
Plugging Dylan into a movie or music in the car has been great for all our travels, but none of our headphones fit her. We got these kids' ones that work much better, leading to less whining all around.
For Me
I got a sweater from Urban Outfitters when I was pregnant in a style that I highly recommend to anyone who is pregnant or nursing. I bought it more than 15 minutes ago so they don't have it anymore, but it's the same style as this one. It doesn't connect or close in the front at all, so it works well no matter how big your gut gets, then it's great to drape over the baby's head while nursing in public, having neglected to bring a diaper bag or blanket, as is generally the case for me.

The iPod. Yes, it's a charming little discovery I've made. Aaron was like the earliest adopter possible for ipods--back in the day before Apple Stores I remember scouting around in sketchy little electronics stores in Manhattan trying to get the first one when it came out. I was never too interested until recently. Now that it has the Internet and apps and movies and everything it's really helpful, especially since it's so small and I always have one, sometimes two, baby-occupied hands. Although Grabby McHands is showing some interest so I may be in trouble.

For Me in the Kitchen
I've been trying to get most of the plastic stuff out of our house, and I finally replaced our elderly plastic storage things with pyrex. I love it and use it for everything. The tops and the seethroughness and the being able to go in the dishwasher and microwave without fear of everyone growing extra eyeballs are nice. Although maybe an extra eyeball would be nice too.

Once upon a time we got a kitchenaid saute pan for free with some other kitchen appliance. It is only 8 inches, but it cooks so well that I use it constantly for anything I can cram into it. This is the modern version, as far as I can tell. I want a 12 inch version, which doesn't seem to exist on the internet but was glimpsed at target the other day.

For Aaron
His New Guns, From the Gym

For Snuffy
For the first time ever, I've successfully gotten Snuffy onto 50% nonprescription food. I won't even tell you the unit of measure by which I define success, if you know what I'm saying. Canidae makes this grain-free kind, which is what I think he needs. A lot of the fancy dog food brands have started making more hypoallergenic kinds of foods since we first got Snuffy, but a lot of them still have stuff I think he's sensitive to. They're all expensive by regular standards, but still half as much as the prescription food.

And now back to not spending money due to not making any money at the moment.


Aaron said...

Are you saying Ollie is an action figure?

Aaron said...
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bleisenblog said...

Aaron's actual real-life comment: "Wow, you like iPods, just like everyone else in America."

Ilana said...

feel free to offload any "stuff you like" for babies smaller than Ollie to CA this spring. :)

Brigid said...

I can't stand my ipod or itunes. I guess I am one of those really weird people left out there :-)