Thursday, March 18, 2010


We set about to wear Dylan out Sunday so should would still be able to go to bed at 7pm, which was really 6pm, and while we're at it why not try for 4:30pm? We did our work a little too well (family hike, garden expo [dylan was sad because she thought "garden show" would involve singing and dancing], playtime at the Y [we are very into the Y]), and by 4:30 she was a molten puddle of exhaustion. It's been that was every day this week because it's been the first sunny spring week. Rochester residents are thus compelled to spend every possible minute outside, which wears a person out at some point, you know? We need to get that kid a real bike, she looks a little silly on the toddler one now.


Ollie has dialed down the gas-related screaming in the past few days, but not before an ill-fated trip to Wegmans. Usually I don't mind taking either kid to Wegmans because they think it's fun, although both at once is a bit much and Dylan is less fun now that she wants to walk all the time yet has no awareness at all about the mean mean people at our Wegmans who would just as soon mow her down because one less person to grow up and block their access to the fancy cheeses for an intolerable 20 seconds. Anyway, Ollie was having a little episode in the baby carrier that was like--you know those super-powered mosquito death machines in the airmall that attracts mosquitoes not just from your own yard but from a half mile radius? Yeah, it was like that, but with a crying baby as bait and every older woman in the store playing the role of mosquito. Oh? You have to feed babies? I...I hadn't realized. Someone asked me if it was my first baby, mid-screamfest.

Plus, PLUS there was a press conference. In the produce section. I was flailing around and trying to get to the bathroom so I could spread out a bit and tend to him better, but the bathroom is right next to the entrance to the store, which was entirely taken up by a large cadre of people advocating for wine to be sold in grocery stores. Ollie takes issue with the threat to small local businesses, and was hell bent on getting his point across despite my attempts to muffle him. I watched the local news that evening, but I couldn't actually hear him in the background. Luckily his penmanship is not good enough to put together a little baby protest sign.

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