Friday, March 26, 2010

Current Status

Dylan: Asleep
Ollie: Eating feet
Aaron: Stuffing his face with his brothers and mother
Kate: Blogging, watching tv, planning next year's schedule

A,D,K,O--Disney Lite
Snuffy--Camp Ithaca

Scene one hour ago:
Dylan, frolicking happily in her dream setting, a giant 12-inch deep water play area.
Melanie, wading intrepidly around after Dylan.
Aaron, Josh, and Zach, going down a large, steep water slide, resulting in being counted in an attempt to break the guinness record for most people going down a water slide in 24 hours. Guess that means the water park is open all night.
Kate, Ollie, trying to figure out how to nurse in a bathing suit.

Plans for tomorrow: Water play, possibly leaving hotel.

Current plan: Feed baby something other than feet.

End dispatch.

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