Sunday, March 20, 2011

Miscellaneous Catch Up. But Not Ketchup.

First things first. I can't believe I missed posting this one with the Toronto pics since it's one of my favorites.
A few things of note:
1) All Those Chins
2) The crib is indeed stuffed halfway into the closet. Worked well, sleep-wise. While awake he would mostly press his little face up against the bars in the direction of freedom, however. Freedom!
3) The brown stuffed animal is a beaver given to him by the hotel. Those nice Canadians.
4) Is he kidding? Who can sleep like that?


Next up, one more Match Day picture. I got to be in one!
Notable items regarding this picture include:
1) The sheer volume of Aaron's beard.
2) Ollie's Piece is slightly askew.
3) Ollie wishes he were elsewhere.
4) Dylan does, too, and she can tell me, in the same tone as when she had eaten her green beans: "Mommy, I didn't want to go to your special ceremony, but I did anyway!" [There was a pizza party for St Patrick's Day at daycare at the same time. I am not qualified to compete with that.]
5) We are still toting around that piece of paper, as if the next three years of our lives depended on it.


And on to the Random Thoughts section. I'll keep on numbering, to keep things in line around here.

1) Should I do a six week Boot Camp? I have a bit of time now, and I think I would like it, but it's at 6am three days a week.

2) Why are all the good things in Rochester, MN? If I don't tell Google about being in NY it tempts me with all the amenities they have to offer before I realize the truth. Same goes for Monroe County, Indiana.

3) Aaron and I got to see Paul last night. If you like Shaun of the Dead et al we highly recommend it. If you don't like copious gratuitous swearing we do not. Also recommended: getting out, on occasion.

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Sparkster said...

what a great family photo!!! I haven't visited your blog in so long...Dylan & Ollie have changed so much! what cuties!