Sunday, March 27, 2011


We have, as you know, determined that we are not only remaining in Rochester, but remaining in our very own house. Nonetheless, we seem to be in search of that life-upheaval experience. We're rearranging a lot of rooms and figuring out if we can finish the basement, which would involve so much furniture- and stuff-shuffling that we'll get all the inconvenience of moving with none of the being in a new house charm. Not only that, we've been acting like total tourists. In the past couple weeks I've been to four new restaurants and one recreated olde thyme village.

We started with the house rearranging by adding an island to the kitchen, which takes up all the floor space but adds 50% more counter space. We've been hanging out there constantly, so four chunky thumbs up from the children thus far.


Aaron's tip of the day: If possible, avoid giving blood then proceeding directly to a weekend-long bachelor party.


The kids are so desperate to get outside we took them out biking in the cold the other day. Ollie was pleased to be placed on a bike, although I think he considers it a prop at this point.

I'm on a bike

We got an awesome yet-to-be revealed, yet-to-be-assembled contraption that should let all four of us go on longish rides together this summer.

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