Monday, March 28, 2011

rinse cycle

Ollie is not kidding about being ready for summer.
Okay, that's not really true. Dylan is the only one who remembers summer. He's just modeling stuff.
As is Snuffy, ever the fashion-conscious canine.

Ollie continues down The Devil's Own Path. Here he regards me defiantly while turning up the volume on the stereo as loud as it goes. Then he dances.
In comparison these ones seem like no trouble at all. Although some could make better choices at the dog park, is all I'm saying.

There is something indescribably nerdy about whipping out your iPhone in an Apple Store to take a picture of your toddler at their computer. Yet, here we are.
He takes things one step further than wanting to do whatever Dylan does (she's at another computer, instigating his need to have one too)--he just assumes he already CAN do whatever she's doing. Reading, computing, swimming (NOT SAFE! keeps putting face in water), whatever. Actually it's been fun because he can do more than I would have guessed, or tried, without Dylan around, and he understands more than I would have thought. She is also highly supportive of his efforts, particularly the ones that mess with me. She's always either physically helping him get into stuff, encouraging him, distracting me, or copying him. That is how both children end up in the dishwasher at once, for example. Bath time! I'll even put the temperature setting down a notch, for the sake of the children.

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