Thursday, June 28, 2012

An All American Evening

  • Free VIP parking to for local minor league team
  • Check

  • Free tickets to a suite to see the team play
  • Check

  • Free Mini baseball hats
  • Check (special check because of the ice cream that came in the hats)

  • Spectacular view of downtown Rochester
  • Check (We even got to see trains go by)

  • Have Ollie excitedly point at the football game
  • Check

  • A visit by Spike and Mitsy
  • Check

  • Watching our bilingual suite mate use his Pediatrician Jedi techniques to make Dylan speak in Spainish
  • Check (sorry but no evidence)

  • Watching the same suite mate and his children catch a foul ball
  • Check (again no evidence, but I swear the guy exists)


Sarah said...

An uncanny resemblence! Sounds like a great day.

Bryn said...

What a great day! I look forward to when we can take the boys to a Syracuse baseball game. I look forward to discovering Jeff's long lost brother (or mine).

Lauren said...

Dylan is a good spotter - Towles is definitely a ringer for your long lost brother, even at 6'2''...
Looks like a GREAT all American Evening :)

PS - does anyone else fail at "prove you're not a robot"!?