Saturday, January 24, 2009

Checking in, notes to self

(written last night, posted this morning, see #7)

1) I should probably stop sending people nerdy medical e-mails at 9PM Saturday night if I want to retain any semblance of cool nonchalance, which I think we can all agree is how I usually come across.

2) Dylan = tall and lanky and talky. Will try to capture on film or moving picture tomorrow.

3) Aaron = rather devoted to housework now that he is the only one doing any. It's just as well, he's better at it. Have you seen me try to wrap a present, make a bed, or fold clothing? It's not pretty. Also, why are you peeping in my windows?

4) Speaking of peeping in windows, does anyway else remember what's actually in that children's classic George and Martha? "George was fond of peeking in windows."

"One day, George peeked in on Martha."

Awesome. Sorry Dylan, we can't play this game because our bathroom's on the second floor.

5) Top Chef: new British food critic judge, ha! He speaks only in full paragraph, somewhat forced metaphors, and the other judges just blink when he talks. I mean, what is the appropriate response when someone announces that "the big bad wolf blew down this little piggy's house" when they didn't like the pork?

6) Medicine rotation: going a lot better than surgery. Which I passed, as I learned yesterday. It's still a lot of hours and hard work and I am very tired, but it can also be pretty fun. I'm getting to see Dylan a reasonable amount. It's just hard to have such a large proportion of what comes out of your mouth be wrong, yet you have to keep doing it or else you won't learn as well.

7) Dylan fell asleep at 6pm while we were out to dinner tonight. I have seen babies and small children just drift off gently to sleep while in their parent's arms, but I have never myself experienced it. Usually she sleeps at lightly as the breath of a big bad wolf who blows down a little pig's house, and takes as long to fall asleep as it takes to build a house of bricks. Unfortunately, she considered it to be the nap that she had skipped earlier that day and woke up at 9:30PM.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed that the new judge sits there, eagerly waiting for his chance to use his unfunny metaphors that he clearly made up the night before, giggling at his own wit. Did you hear the one he used about Elvis, whose career started out so well but who ended up dying on the toilet? Disgusting. Fondly, She Who Read You George and Martha

Gillianboudreau@hotmail.com said...

Hooray! You're back!

side note: the word verification for being able to post this comment is "fiestio." Yeah! Fiestioooooo!