Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Aid for Dummies

I've only seen Super Nanny a couple times, and I have only based my own life on it once. The kids were running around screaming and not brushing their teeth and they made a new rule that the father would sing "Twinkle Twinkle" twice through and they would have to brush that whole time. We started singing to Dylan as we brushed her teeth and she loves it and we don't have any trouble getting her to sit still for it. Only now she tries to sing during it too, which, you know, presents a logistical problem.

I tried to play hide and seek with her today. It took a couple tries to get her to understand about not following me and watching while I hid. Then she got all sad when I kept hiding in different places instead of the same one as the first time. Which, honestly, I was just in the corner of the room with a towel over my head. She tried to hide once, but standing in the middle of her room waiting for me didn't cut it, so we stuck with me hiding. At one point I hid behind Aaron and he tried to point out to her that the number of feet involved didn't add up, but when he asked her how many feet she had she said four, so that wasn't actually a good clue on his part. Technical issues aside she thought it was the best game ever and it was only halted because we had to go take care of her other love, grocery shopping. Funny that she has trouble with hide and seek but is in charge of administering first aid in our house. Here, she'll give you a demo.

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