Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Sorry, sorry, that was a bit of a tease. And the obvious conclusion to reach, that I had swiped an ultrasound printout from one of my patients, is not actually correct.

So, November 14th is the due date. We're looking to upstage Tommy's November 16th birthday by a day or two. We told Dylan today, but she was playing with a flashing red bouncy ball at the time, and who can compete with that? Not me and my weird "Sweetie, there's another child in my tummy," that's for sure.

I did feel a little more nauseous this time for a while, but guess what? If I eat all the time I feel okay. Done. I'm also tired, but I currently have to get up at 5am for my, yes, OB/GYN rotation. I have to work nights next week, so then I will really show you tired. Probably in the form of not posting. Also: it's better not to have seen anyone else in labor at all before you have a baby.

Snuffy is just thrilled, as discerned from his unchanging panting.

I dug out my maternity stuff, purchased in a time when I did not have to wear professional clothes to work. Luckily I have to wear scrubs for this month, so I can punt that one for now. As long as I was in the attic I noted that Dylan has had more clothing in her 2+ years than most people have in a lifetime. We have not generally purchased girly things, but if this one is a girl (TBA: late June) it will have some excellent options. Unless I work up to not actually caring about putting a boy in all those cool dresses, which: you never know.

I'm sure we'll set up a high-stakes baby pool at some point. Stay tuned.

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carlbohudakson said...

Congrats! Nate's birthday is Nov 13, and so far it's working well for him. Hope you stay healthy and don't sleep too much (although I'm guessing your Ob maternity patients would at least be slightly understanding)