Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dress Up: Harry Potter Edition

The gentleman on the left had to read all the names. He got a large round of applause after a particularly onerous one

I am just a blur because I move at the speed of sound

This is my hood, which was returned, along with the rest of the regalia, within a half hour of the ceremony. The whole getup was in my possession for less than 24 hours, for the small sum of $100. The hood tended to slip down when I sat, pinning my arms to my sides.

Graduation Trivia: The chairman of the board of trustees said May the Force Be With You at each of the EIGHT graduation ceremonies for different university groups that members of the board and such had to attend this weekend.

Dylan: likes graduation ceremonies because they are prone to random bursts of clapping, as is she.

Graduation: sort of fun, but also tedious and sort of anticlimactic when you are in the midst of an intense and exhausting rotation. On the plus side: I finished work at 7am yesterday and pretty much went right into attending graduation events, which helped me switch back from the dark side to a less nocturnal schedule. On the minus side: I nearly passed out on the table during an ultrasound yesterday because I am not actually that good at messing with my sleep schedule. But! Screening stuff is all negative so far and I will be at 14 weeks on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Italy. You are well on your way to becoming Doctor Doctor Daughter. Make that Dauchter! Ciao and amore from Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kate! Love, Uncle G and Aunt C

Gillianboudreau@hotmail.com said...

We watched a video on panic disorder, I think, in which Kim Basinger kept referring to her psychiatrist, who was indeed called Dr. Doctor! Just thought you should know. Also, congratulations!

Juliet said...

Congratulations! Auletta is also prone to random bursts of clapping, so maybe Justin and I should graduate from something one of these days.