Saturday, April 11, 2009

Counting teeth

Aaron took Dylan to the dentist last week and e-mailed me describing it:

The dentist was delightful. Dylan really enjoyed the waiting room and peed in the potty. The hygienist and dentist were great, but our daughter's behavior wasn't. Mostly she was scared. They tried showing her the equipment by having her touch the various tools, but she got scared. Then they tried counting her teeth, but she got scared. She ended up on my lap, and was still scared. All they did was count her teeth today, her molars are coming in. The dentist said that her teeth are clean, so we're doing a good job brushing them. Next time, hopefully he can go in for a good cleaning, but didn't want to do it because she was scared. When we were all done she got to pick out a toy, because she did such a great job being scared. She got a sticker and since she didn't have any cavities we put her name on the wall and once a month there is a drawing from the names on the wall and the winner gets a $15 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or Borders (I wasn't paying too much attention because Dylan was so scared). Actually by that time she was ok. She was happy with her little toy plane and thomas the tank engine sticker. When I wrote her name I asked her what letters she saw. There was a D for Dylan and a B for Blumkin. I told her that was because it was her name. On the car ride back she said her mouth tasted yucky. I said that was because the nice man was counting her teeth, and that although it may not be fun, she did get a sticker and the plane, and Mommy and Daddy have to go to the dentist too to make sure our teeth are ok. She then said that she likes the dentist. But I'm not too sure about that.

Then I guess when he picked her up after daycare she asked if they needed to have anyone else count her teeth, and now she occasionally points to her mouth and starts counting.

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