Sunday, April 05, 2009

Jumping Beans

One thing we learned recently is that there are not one but two facilities in Rochester that, for a fee, allow you unlimited access to giant rooms full of enormous bounce houses, as well as bounce mazes, bounce gladiator courses, and bounce precipitous drops mascarading as slides.

The main problem was the hulking 10-year-olds careening around the place trying to severely injure the wee ones, but with a little glaring they tended to disperse easily enough. If you have a birthday party there there is a big inflatable throne that the birthday kid gets to sit in. We saw one in action while we were there. Someone had wrapped a hula hoop. Hm, what could this one be?

Also, they had a photo booth for suckers who are suckers for getting as many people in a photo booth as possible. I think this counts as 7 people if you round up because Allison is 7+ months pregnant. Note Aaron working his eyes. I guess he doesn't like to watch ANTM with me because he thinks of the girls as amateurs. And check out my pointy tongue. Hissssss.

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Anonymous said...

what an adorable picture! I miss you guys :)