Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Boston II

Okay, where were we? Tooling aimlessly around Boston? Indeed. So, a new hotel room, which is right up there with cardboard boxes in entertainment value.
In adhering to the "children should be neither seen nor heard" philosophy, this is where we put Ollie. That's a soundproof comforter, right there.

Now, down to business. The REAL reason we were in Boston was to celebrate Uncle Ducky's graduation from PsyD School. I say "celebrate" and not "attend graduation" because my planning skills petered out around New Paltz. Let me assure you, at this point the trip descended from "seemed like chaos up to this point" to "pure chaos."
Dylan and cousin Noah were on the same page, celebrating-wise.
Here, let me help you feel some of the chaos yourself. Ollie would please like to nurse now, thanks.

The Brain Trust in Action
I believe we established legal residence at this shoeshine booth.

Please ignore the Photographer In Action.

Ollie, friend of dogs. ("Daddy!")

Dylan and Ollie got to swim with eight or so relatives. No pictures there because Ollie needs like three people to prevent him from climbing out of the pool and hurling himself back in. I finally put one of those floaty backpacks on him at the Y yesterday and hey, all the wild kicking actually works for him.

And then we had to drive back home, all at once. The End.

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