Sunday, June 05, 2011

Home again, and another letter

Dylan is going to the bilingual school! Yay! It doesn't look like we live far away enough for her to ride the bus, so we'll (=Aaron) will have to drive her over there, but there's an after school care place next door that I really like.

Now, down to business. After Sesame Place we drove to a rental house in the Hudson Valley near Bard. We got to visit a bunch of our old haunts from when Aaron lived there, AND we got to start telling stories to the kids about the Old Days.

I will tell you, renting a house is SO MUCH BETTER as a way to travel with little kids. And: there was a pool. And: a tree house. And: rooms that were not our room for the kids to sleep in. We'll definitely do it again.

And some from outside the house:

Up next: we head to Boston for Another Graduation

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