Tuesday, June 14, 2011

not, technically, tin

120 is Dylan's go-to number for expressing something really big, second only to spewing a random stream of digits. As in, "How many beans do you think Ollie can eat? ONE HUNDRED TWENTY?!!!" Or, "I weigh 34 pounds and Ollie weighs 26 pounds, and how much do YOU weigh Mommy? One Hundred Twenty?!" Exactly, Dylan.

She's always saying that Ollie is Happy Like a Clam.

I confirmed with Ollie's teacher's today that he does not have a problem with clocking the other children at school. At home, in contrast, Dylan has trained him, via the Big Sister Shriek method, to whack her with kitchen tools.

At one point, early in our road trip, Dylan captured me singing Wind Beneath My Wings (Aaron: I didn't even know that song HAD those words) on one of the many iDevices scattered about the car. I thought she would squirrel it away for future (HIGHLY EFFECTIVE) blackmail use or to launch her blogging career. No, she had shorter term plans and broke it out during a jaunt to the grocery store in Boston. I had my hands full with groceries and Ollie while she trailed ten feet behind me and played the video, loudly, in its entirely. They always say we learn from our children and in this case the lesson is: don't be so narrow-minded that you can't embarrass people without the Internet.

Residency orientation starts tomorrow. I'm expecting BleisenPosting to be downgraded to quarterly, so I would HIGHLY recommend a feed reader if you read even one other blog or website on the world wide web that updates routinely with content. I'll probably be around and posting for about another week since orientation lasts many days and I am hoping not to find orientation, at least, too overwhelming.

Don't worry, the children are prepared. No one is going to mess with their brain waves while I'm at work.

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