Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Big!

Dylan got a few good nights of sleep in a row and switched back to her normal self, while retaining the right to switch back to Devil Spawn should she become fatigued or reach 5pm, whichever comes first on a given day. More recently, she has ceased sleeping again, for unclear reasons, with predictable results. I am probably not helping, as I got in trouble at bedtime tonight for being a less than calming presence. However, YOU try to remain neutral and soothing while Dylan sidles up to Aaron and lovingly rubs his tummy and tells him how big it's getting.


I'm on my neurology now. It has had awfully humane hours this week, allowing me to both learn AND see daylight, all in the same day. Next week should be similar, I may go and get myself spoiled. I am bored of hearing myself yammer on about med school, so that's about enough of that for a while.

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