Monday, July 27, 2009

tomorrow, tomorrow

We have always had trouble with Dylan not eating enough at dinner, then weeping pathetically for food in lieu of sleeping. We have been pretty religious about not giving her food after dinner because this is an annoying personality trait, but she is like Snuffy and his quest for handouts at the table, in that no amount of experience (this has never worked before, but maybe tonight's the night) can train her to stop. She has, however, recently switched tactics. Instead of asking for food in the moment, she asks, "Mommy, can I eat tomorrow after I go to sleep?" As though we have also, in the past, refused to give her any breakfast, just out of habit. Tempting, but I've never pulled it off.


Do you think whenever a new issue of Rolling Stone comes out whoever is on the cover goes around humming that song for a while, even if they're really famous?

What about Oprah? Every time an issue of her magazine comes out is she like SCORE!?

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