Monday, December 20, 2010

bleisenblog: now with content

What I thought was, if Ollie is old enough to walk and eat all this food all the time, he is old enough to vacuum.

I had the girl child show him how.

What I have not learned is that if the flash is out of batteries and there is no light, the pictures will still be blurry EVEN IF I TAKE ONE HUNDRED OF THEM. Then what I have is, one hundred blurry pictures.


Aaron and Dylan are both no longer sick. Technically. They are neither one of them back to full strength. Aaron has taken a classic approach to convalescence and spends his free time sitting on the couch looking wan. Dylan has put a new twist on things by being alternately exhausted and restless, all the while exuding the rude sassiness of a demon hellbeast. [ed: I just checked with Aaron as to whether calling our darling child a demon hellbeast on the internet is acceptable. he says: "it's fine with me." You, dear reader, would no doubt agree if you had to spend yesterday evening with her.] Ollie, sensing emotional tumult and wanting to get in on the action, is back to his quotidian agenda of defiant evil, but now when you tell him no he bursts into tears.


My rotation went fine. We didn't all implode when I started working a bunch more. I liked some of it a lot and the routine isn't all so new anymore, so it's a little less tiring for me to be at the hospital all day. It was sort of entertaining to come home from all the sick people in the hospital to all the sick people in the house. Plus I learned something from the sick people at home! High fever + pinkeye = adenovirus. The more you know.


Now I have to switch back to administering the household and working on my research stuff. Aaron is spending the week reintroducing himself to his coworkers. We are all the while halfheartedly trying to figure out where to go next year (kate: hey, where should we go next year? aaron: *shrugs*). It's not working that well.


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