Monday, December 13, 2010


Everyone in the house but me has been felled by what I believe is a miasma. Ollie's fever and pension for 10-day courses of antibiotics are nothing new, but this evening Dylan took to curling up on the floor and whimpering about being cold...so cold. Aaron's right eye is showcasing fire engine red, while his demeanor fluctuates from "melodramatically collapsing on the couch" to "passed out." Aaron helpfully text pages me throughout the day so I know exactly how high everyone's fever is.

I have cleverly avoided germs by spending my days in the hospital. Other things I have avoided via hospital include: bitter cold, shoveling, afternoon snack, and sunlight. I have four more days of this rotation. It's much more fun than previous rotations because they let me pretend to have just a bit of responsibility, and Aaron was keeping up with all the house and kid stuff really well until he got the vapors etc. Probably a good taste of what next year will be like.

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