Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas eve, christmas day, aftermath

cookie decorating

the traditional letting ollie out of his box

a bread pudding experiment that was highly successful if measured in deliciousness and highly unsuccessful in terms of shortening my family's life expectancy

note+food offering in exchange for loot

dylan got a glinda the good witch doll who now goes everywhere with her. i feel like this really works for us because i think glinda is a fine role model and dylan gets to idolize someone girly who is not part of the princess complex.

i don't have a picture, but it was agreed by all that the best-received present, in terms of most joy added to a life, was a second copy of ollie's beloved blankie. the joy! the snuggling! more joy! it was awesome. i ALSO don't have a picture of the fancy new jogging pants aaron got. somehow they must have gotten switched with pants from people of a different gender when i went to get him a different size in the fitting room. talbots here he comes! our friend asked if he got a matching sports bra, but he actually didn't.

i also have to give dylan a lot of credit for a lack of obnoxiousness about opening her presents. she was really patient and handed out presents to everyone else and didn't tear hers open all at once and enjoyed each one as she got it. she then resumed her constant lobbying for dessert, but if there's one thing she does well it's delayed gratification.

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