Thursday, June 25, 2009

More tibdits

I had an interesting evening explaining to Dylan what "Wow, Michael Jackson died!" means.


She is currently in bed, having an elaborate conversation in which she plays the parts of herself and two friends. They seem to argue a lot.


Contrary to her, ahem, less than fearless nature, she thought the Maid of the Mist was the coolest! thing! ever! She maid me draw a re-creation with sidewalk chalk.


We innocently wandered into Wegmans yesterday only to come across an 18-hole minigolf course scattered throughout the store and parking lot, with free goodies at every hole. That certainly sounds like my kind of thing, but to wait in all those lines would have been a 2-hour investment, and having 18 lines snaking throughout the store was not conducive to our goal of acquiring foodstuffs and going on with our lives. Ooh, we should have unleashed the lobsters on them.

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