Monday, June 15, 2009


This was our first and likely last weekend to tool around at home in months. My goal was just to relax and do some house projects, but now that I'm going through everything I don't know if relaxing is actually the right word.

A trip to the public market: always entertaining to watch Dylan eat a breakfast sandwich as big as her head. We also pressed our noses up against a future satellite site of the Little Bakery that's supposed to open in a couple weeks.

We think sort of linearly, so then we went to the actual Little Bakery: treats for everyone. And an invitation to visit the fire house to see a fire truck.

Then to the coffee shop. Aaron requires this one kind of coffee beans from this one place in town to make his fancy cold brew coffee. One could accuse him of putting on airs.

Nap time: for me, not Dylan. Who knows what madness went on during this time. I know there was skyping involved and I vaguely wondered why there were so many people downstairs.

A bike ride to a playground in the park. We can still shove Dylan into the iBert so we can all go biking together. She likes to swing at the playground, and swing, and swing. It's not in fact that much fun for those of use doing the pushing. I also pushed Aaron, who was not on a swing, just for some variety.

Nap time: Dylan edition.

Open house for our friends to show off their chicken coop. Okay, they called it an open coop. We figured if they're opening their house to the public they would have to let us in.

There was a little festival in the one of the suburbs that we thought we would check out for dinner. I remember it from last year and it was...unimpressive, which I mentioned to Aaron as we were walking in, to his delight. We did get some yummy food, but the main thing we all got out of it was the following conversation once we got home:
Dylan: You know that guy? With the red nose? And the scooter? He was talking to me?
Kate: You mean the clown?
D: I no like him!
K: That's okay, he's probably home now.
D: eyes neighborhood suspiciously
K: I don't think he lives there, you should be okay.

The other important part of the festival is that it was right next to a tea house that we first went to a few weeks ago. It has a lot of fancy chocolate treats that I haven't seen anywhere else in town. This time it turned out to be going out of business, with everything 60-80% off. I had a hard time containing myself, and am now the proud owner of many many chocolate items.

Saturday night: I went through a year and a half's worth of papers that were threatening to bury the guest room. Never fear, the deed to the house, title to the car, and our marriage license are now accounted for. As always, I now how to party.

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