Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A ploy to get out of having one's nails cut by hiding in the corner studiously reading the phone book

She has been working on perfecting her smile for the camera. I have never, ever told her to smile for the camera. But she's at least progressed a bit from squished up devil face to looking like she should be selling something. Phone book ad space maybe?


I am enjoying answering 1.5 when people ask how many kids I have, especially since people who don't know me can't tell about the new one yet. Ever since I had Dylan acquaintances at school have acted like they can't possibly keep track of how many children I have and lord knows how many it must be at this point.


I told Dylan the baby was kicking me and she asked if she should kick me now too.


I have been minimizing her daycare time this week since my schedule is lighter, and I think spending more time with me is really helping her feel better. But really, I would think the same could be said of anyone who got to spend more time with me, am I right?

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Gillianboudreau@hotmail.com said...

We all need more time with Kate! Do you want to come to Ithaca 7/4? Sarah and I may be going to celebrate triumphal (and temporary) return of one Megan Duffy.