Sunday, August 09, 2009

The future is now

The other day Dylan asked whether she could ask for things for her birthday. We indicated that this would be allowable, so she continued. She would like two things.

One: (some kind of toy or whatever it is the kids are into these days)

Two: When she is older, please can she play video games?

We again indicated that this would be allowable, then scurried off to see what video game options there are for preschoolers. We ended up at Best Buy and both had a moment where we realized we were embarking upon a lifetime of gadgets for her. Works for us. Yet, there aren't any games for the Wii that look like they're good for kids her age, and while there are game systems for little kid games (generally featuring one enormous button, which is about her speed), the idea of hooking up a whole separate system to the tv made us weary and we wandered away.

Guess what we found out a few days later? She can do the Wii frisbee, and with some of the automated settings she was beating me pretty reliably. I don't think she, or Aaron, has ever been prouder.

Side note: So far other plans for when she is older include: wearing a seat belt, crossing the street by herself, and drinking coffee. We dream big around here.

Re: facial hair, don't ask. No really, no one knows why. Same goes for why Dylan was wearing a pink t-shirt under the blue one.

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