Tuesday, August 11, 2009

memo to aaron

You know that cute bunny that's been living in the yard?

The "in the yard" part is still true.

And what with my "condition" as you so like to call it...


Anonymous said...

Ew. Do you mean it's no longer cute or no longer living? Did Snuffy...gasp? Amma

bleisenblog said...

Yes, I've soured on bunnies. I no longer find their little cotton tails appealing.

No, it wasn't Snuffy (at least, he acted as surprised as I was) and it wasn't the lawn mower (as Aaron initially thought), I just mowed a swath around the...decedent. So the cause is unclear, and I figured I was not a good person to further investigate.

I highly recommend communicating with one's spouse in this manner. The squeal from across the house is quite entertaining.