Saturday, August 08, 2009

I suppose I should stop calling him ratdog

When I am on one of my core med school rotations Aaron has to take on most of the kid and dog care, along with almost all the household stuff. It's a lot of work for him, but generally works pretty well since he's better than I am at all that stuff anyway, except maybe cooking. He has committed the new car owner's manual to memory, and by the time I ever laid eyes on the car all the radio presets had been set to our favorites, in identical order to the other cars. He could, if he chose to, maintain the bikes, he wrestled our tv converter box into submission just the other day, and he won't let me even so much as look at a beer while pregnant, despite my NEED FOR A DRINK. So, to summarize, a relatively useful man. Perhaps he will forgive me, then, in relieving him of "taking Snuffy to the groomer and issuing instructions" duty.

Local authorities: Please do not cull this dog should you initiate a deer-thinning program

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