Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More party, in words

Yes, the Cupcakes of Irony were indeed the result of instructions from the magazine swiped from the lab. I did not eat a single one, or even a piece of one, including the many constituent parts. Extra components now litter our kitchen, including bags of marshmallows (panda snouts, penguin bibs), thin chocolate cookies (penguin flippers), and mini oreos (panda ears). I have to say, the cupcakes were worth every minute of labor that I, as foreman, squeezed out of my entirely voluntary work force.

The party went really well. So well, in fact, that guests remained in my home for pushing four hours. I had not envisioned quite that measure of success, and next year may take steps to make things slightly less fun, for purposes of getting my (post-party) dinner into my cake hole a little more promptly.

Dylan was absolutely perfect during the party and had the best time. We paid for it in other ways, with 1.5 days of anxious excitement-->irritability beforehand and 2 days of exhaustion-->irritability afterwards, but we've all recovered now. Except for Aaron, who has logged about 6 evening hours this week setting up a new play kitchen for dylan and is still a little twitchy.

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