Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sugar, revisited

Ahem. About buying myself a ticket to the three-hour version of the gestational diabetes test. I seem to have managed that even without adding an extra meal mid-test, which is how over the weekend I ended up at a far-flung lab, not allowed to leave the building for three hours, during a 15-hour fast interrupted only by another sugar drink, now with double the sugar! Plus four blood draws. Rather than studying for my test during my confinement, I took the opportunity to familiarize myself with the dazzling array of magazines in the waiting room. One issue of LHJ (Ladies Home Journal, for you newbies who have not recently read the June, July, and August 2008 issues; all marriages were saved) had instructions for animal cupcakes, and since I am coincidentally planning a party for a rather short crowd that might appreciate such a treat this weekend, I was forced to abscond with that issue.

And...I managed to almost escape without consequences. Due to bad karma from my immoral actions, one of the four blood draws came back high, which is not enough for a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, but it's enough to switch to being pretty careful about what I'm eating. Which means I probably won't get to partake in the luscious cupcakes, which is just as well because they should be too pretty to eat anyway. I am also now getting up at 6am to exercise, which works for Snuffy because it gets too hot for him to exist by about 7:30 each morning.

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