Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby Pool!

To enter, leave your guesses (or answers, if you have some kind of inside information) to the following in the comments:

1) Birth date
2) Birth time
3) Birth weight
4) Gender

The prize will be delicious baked goods at such a time as I feel like baking.

Potentially helpful information:
-The ultrasound tech declared it a boy
-I am due November 17th
-Tommy's birthday is November 16th
-The current moon phase is Waxing Gibbous
-I had an appointment today (37 weeks, 1 day) at which the doctor declared "nothing happening"
-Dylan was born almost two weeks after her due date and I still had to be induced
-I probably won't go past 41 weeks this time because of the Sugar
-I have a rather ambitious amount of work that I plan to do before having the baby

Entry deadline: 11/4/09 11:59pm


Sarah M said...

1) 11/23
2) 5:17am
3) 9 lbs. 4 oz.
4) male (do cookie monsters have a gender?)

Kate said...

We're soooo excited! After much debate between me, Dan, & Emma, we vote:
1) 11/26--turkey baby!! :O)
2) 12:13 AM
3) 8lb 15oz
4) Male
p.s. Keep an eye out for a package in the mail!! :O)

Alana said...

1) Nov 19th
2) 3:37 am
3) 8#14 oz
4) Male

Yay! Can't wait to hear about it!

Much love and wishes for a quick labor,

Anonymous said...

1) Birth date 12/1 Josh's bday
2) Birth time 212am Josh's bday
3) Birth weight6# 6 oz Josh'weight
4) Gender Male Aaron's gender

Anonymous said...

I would have chosen "anonymous 1's" choices, but since they are taken:

1. Nov 15th - Josh's due date
2. 4:30 PM - wouldn't that be nice, labor then sleep
3. 8# - a bigger baby - that sugar, y'know
4. male - the techs are almost always right - they do those ultrasounds all day.

Adam said...

1) 11/18 (I'm hopeful for you!)
2) 7:21 PM
3) 7 lbs 14 oz
4) Male

Best wishes!

zborus said...

1) 11/25 (after induction at 41_0wga cuz of the sugar and the bigness--see #3)
2) 10:30am
3)9lb 2oz
4)sex: male. gender: whatever s/he decides to identify as.

Extra points: Name: Grover

Lauren said...

1) 11/19
2) 11:23 am
3) 8 lbs 15 oz.
4) Male

SO excited!

bleisenblog said...

I get to play too! Although I'll share the baked goodies if I win.

1) 11/22 (optimism about not being induced!)
2) 5:30pm (and not the middle of the night!)
3) 8lbs 9oz (and big but not huge!)
4) boy -- I was there, I know what I saw

Anonymous said...

Cam and I have been sharing labor pains over this...but I think we have finally come to a conclusion:

1)November the 17th (you will be a 5%er)
2)11:27 a.m. (the baby will be considerate of you getting adequate sleep before labor)
3)8lbs. 7oz.
4)male (we want to go against the grain- but then again, a picture speaks a thousand words,"boy, boy, boy, boy..."
We love you all and miss you a million times over. Can't wait to have the best excuse to come for a visit!!!

Erica said...

1) November 20th
2) 2:06pm
3) 9lbs 1oz
4) Boy

Happy baby-having!

I love the picture of Dylan in an Elmo costume looking at an Elmo doll - hilarious and existential.

Annie ~ إني said...

1) 11/23
2) 3:20am
3) 8 lbs. 3 oz.
4) boy oh boy

V said...

1) 11/24
2) 7:26 PM
3) 7lb 14oz
4) Boy

Anne said...

1. Nov 22
2. high noon
3. 8lbs 0 oz
4. male
Name: Joan

Annika said...

1) 11/14
2) 8pm
3) 8lbs
4) male

yay babies!

AmyGo said...

1) November 21
2) 4:31 PM
3) 8 pounds 7 ounces
4) Male

Yay Kate! I can't wait to take Stewie to the Strong Museum!

Rachel said...

1. 11/10
2. 2pm (after a short and easy labor)
3. 7lbs
4. male

Just because wouldn't that be nice.

Annabelle said...

I know I'm late, but let's be honest, what else would you expect.
1) 11/22- it's a pretty number
2) 07:00AM- that's the time I get to work every morning
3) 7lb 11 oz
13) male

I can't wait!!!!

Aaron said...

1) 11/22
2) 4:19 pm (just in time)
3) 8lbs 15 oz
4) Boy
5) go to the hospital at 8:30 in the morning

I have a good feeling about this!