Friday, October 09, 2009

Wikipedia says a swarm of gnats is called a ghost

Dylan: Dunkin Donuts! It's my favorite!

Kate: Because of the two D's?

D: Yes! And because of the donuts!


I know I haven't been tuned into pop culture for the past year (or...ever), but what's with all the vampires? They're EVERYWHERE. Do they represent an actual threat to my person? Is vampire bite prevention any different if you're pregnant?


My attention span currently rivals that of a gnat. Hence the brief post snippets. And the brief snippets of everything else. Luckily I am trying to work one like eight different things right now, so flitting around from thing to thing at least feels a little productive.


We need us a baby pool around here, don't we? The betting kind, not the wading kind.

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Juliet said...

Also: zombies.