Friday, October 16, 2009

Public Health Fandom

I am behind on my posts this week, but I think to catch up I will start with today and work backwards, Memento-style. Also like Blink, if anyone else saw that. Not that we are experiencing terrifying horror movie-like events over here. As far as you know, anyway. Just trying to keep you on your toes.

So. I woke up this morning, hitched a ride to the airport to rent a car, and rushed to drive back to Rochester by noon.

As proof, here I am, in Rochester, by noon. With the guy who led the World Health Organization campaign to eradicate smallpox. [And a haircut. I will never learn that you cannot judge how long curly hair will be when cut if it is soaking wet and brushed out when the cutting takes place.]

I even bought his book so I could get it signed.

I can't tell you if it's any good yet, but 6/6 amazon reviewers enjoyed it. Whether those reviewers consist of his wife and five best friends we may never know.

Dylan, Aaron, and Snuffy slobbered all over me in their joy at our reunion. Dylan ran around clutching the lollipop I brought her muttering "I so lucky" and "I saving this for later." Aaron did the same with the shirts I got him for work. I am glad Dylan still appreciates receiving things given the volume of presents she received last weekend. I still couldn't bring myself to give her the actual present I bought her. I figure it will come in handy once little TBA is born.

Up tomorrow: yesterday.

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