Monday, October 05, 2009

They sense weakness

Aaron went away for the weekend, which prompted Dylan and Snuffy to tag team me for the next 12 hours. Snuffy took the evening shift, in which he growled at me for three solid hours despite no identifiable physical need. I think, in retrospect, that he was trying to get me to sit on the couch where Aaron usually sits so he could curl up in a ball at my feet.

Dylan took a turn overnight, diligently staying awake from midnight to 4am. I took a nap in the middle there, but eventually she couldn't stand for that any longer. I think she was also a little stressed out that Aaron was gone, plus I had rearranged her room that afternoon, which presumably rendered it infinitely scarier. Luckily I could at least call Aaron for support since his plane landed at midnight (I'll let him explain that one, should he so choose).

I automatically get a cold when I don't get enough sleep, so now I'm sick. They must be thrilled they're getting a third compadre soon to assist (and probably lead) their efforts.

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