Saturday, April 03, 2010

Kids On A Beach

Meet Summer Dylan.

She has displaced Winter Dylan for the time being. We were thrilled with her arrival, as we were looking for a girl-servant anyway.

Dylan! Mind the baby. And the beer in the cooler under the baby. With a smile.

Then fetch the well water. And make it snappy!

She performed her tasks adequately, so we allowed for some socialization. They go in for the social niceties, the housemaids do.

Hi, so nice to see you. Same to you. Lovely weather, isn't it?
I love your necklace. Oh, thank you.
Come, ladies, let's be off. No adult supervision needed when you get enough of them holding hands.

Side note: Did I tell you Rochester has a beach? It does, technically, in that there is sand next to water. It is often closed because of bacterial contamination and the water is always freezing and the nearby neighborhood isn't the best. But beach. Here:

Now, girls, as long as there's three of you why don't you get to work? I would like a jacuzzi.

Oh no! The baby has spawned!
And so has our stuff! I shall call our new home the BleisenFlotilla at Ontario Beach.
In this town the men are good looking and watch the babies.

And I'm done. As Aaron has taken to signing his e-mails, Blumkin Out.

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