Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Of green beans

Dylan went through some kind of wild developmental...thing last week. She was inexplicably grumpy, exhausted, and hungry for a few days. Then Friday she and Aaron hopped on a plane to Boston to visit Uncle Ducky, where she was reportedly tolerable to be around. When I saw her again Sunday she was cheerful, and was talking in a noticeably more sophisticated way. She can now pump on the swings, which she couldn't do with any amount of explaining just a few weeks ago. And today she was not only cheerful, but exceedingly pleasant. "Thank you Mommy, for making burritos for dinner! I love them! And I love the watermelon! And I love you! Daddy, Mommy's water glass is empty, could you fill it up for her? I ate all my food at lunch today, it was delicious! But I didn't eat my green beans because no one asked me to take a no thank you bite, but if they did I would have." I told her Aaron and I would eat all our green beans next time I make them. "If you just make me one then I will eat them all up too!" And then, this evening, "Mommy, I'm tired. I would like to go upstairs and get ready for bed now."

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