Sunday, April 18, 2010

plague, death, destruction

1) Snuffy

There was an Incident involving Snuffy and a wee baby bunny. Animal control was involved. The bunny is...no longer with us. I've been glaring at him (dog, not dead bunny) for several days. In the mornings I like to make suggestions about what other small helpless creatures we could maim in a day. Baby seals? Chicks? Small children? The sky's the limit when we use our imaginations. Right, Snuffy?

2) Ollie

There's a measles outbreak in Vancouver, from all the international travelers during the Olympics. This is an issue because some of us are not old enough to have an immune response to the vaccine. We spent Friday calling the pediatrician, polling Aaron's coworkers and reading the World Wide Internet trying to decide what to do. In the end I pulled him out of the conference daycare. That was a proposition with a low probability of success anyway, so now I'll just keep him attached to my person, which will only make me more popular with the pediatrician crowd at the conference anyway.


Alana said...

What conference are you going to in Vancouver? I'll be there next week for Society of Teachers in Family Medicine!

bleisenblog said...

It's the big pediatric meeting, I think it's the week after yours. I have to present some of the lead stuff from my dissertation. Try not to get measles!