Monday, April 19, 2010

this, that

The opening scene of The Simpsons last night was Marge and the kids arriving at a birthday party and trying (you know unsuccessfully) to figure out if the birthday child, Dylan, was a boy or a girl.


I mentioned my allergic sun reaction to my dermatologist. She said I was probably right about what it is. There are two treatment choices. One is topical steroids. Or, OR, they have a machine that can go ahead and give me a sunburn to toughen me up (perhaps it's called: the Sun? I hope it's at least solar powered). Aaron enjoyed this line of reasoning and suggested that if I'm concerned about breaking my arm he's got Billy out back with a baseball bat. And! Maybe if I take Ollie to, like, India before our trip then I won't have to worry about him getting measles in Canada.


Ollie waggles his eyebrows at me when he wants me to pay attention to him. Here he is having taken up residence in Aaron's armpit. I could not figure out how to get all three of them in focus at once.


Here's Dylan at the same age Ollie is now. They have the same face but she has like three more necks. Do you think her eyes were starting to turn a little darker in these pictures? I can't remember exactly when that happened. Ollie's are still really blue, but I think it's too early to know where they'll end up.

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