Wednesday, April 07, 2010

numbered, yet in no particular order

  1. Excellent (and long) Paul Krugman article on climate change. I tried to read the rest of the news afterwards and nothing else seemed all that important.
  2. That said, I will now go on to detail a number of observations of minor importance. Hm, I think I'll make that my new tagline.
  3. Google Chrome. I like it. I didn't think I cared enough to change browsers and there are a few things here and there that don't work on it, but it's definitely better.
  4. Ollie is just starting to go down in his bed for a catnap here or there, which has happened very rarely for the past 6 weeks. It is such a different world having even 45 minutes in a day where neither one of us is actively taking care of him. I've been staring at the calendar for days (six, to be exact), wanting to change it to April, but I never have my hands free to do it. There, I'm seizing the moment and making it happen right now. Bleisenblog: a call to action.
  5. In the past couple weeks I have: forgotten to go to a dermatologist appointment, forgotten to turn in my schedule for next year before the computer system locked me out, forgotten to have the Easter bunny come in a timely manner ("Uh, Dylan, I think I hear thumping downstairs. Why don't you hang out up here with Daddy for a couple more minutes before we go down for breakfast"), and not dried the dyed eggs adequately such that they had to be hidden wrapped in paper towels. Days and weeks are sort of a blur. I'm not even that sleep deprived, I'm just tired.
  6. My favorite paper from my dissertation was accepted into one of my favorite journals!
  7. Ollie and I have been doing some major cleaning around here. The problem I run into is, in a word, Aaron. It goes like this: clean, sort, give away, oh no! the rest of this huge pile is all Aaron's stuff and he is deeply emotionally attached to every little piece of it and maybe I should go find something else to do now. "Get Aaron to clear out his stuff" is a much different project than "clean the attic." Plus if I show him stuff I'm trying to get rid of he's like "oh, I've always thought that was cute, are you sure?" Actually he's a lot better than he used to be about this, but it's still funny.
  8. I am having an allergic reaction to the sun! The itching! Have I been wrong not to pay any attention to the vampire books and movies of late? I think it's this, for you medical types. I am religious about using good sunblock, but I think I'll switch to a burka or some such next time.
  9. Dylan: "What would you like to eat?" Kate: "What would you recommend?" Dylan: "No, I asked you what you want." Kate: "But sometimes in restaurants people ask the waitress what she likes. So what do you think is good?" Dylan: "Oh, I don't like the food here."
  10. In Toronto, in the elevator, Dylan hit the call button. I can confirm--there IS someone there.
  11. Blumkin Out.

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