Monday, August 09, 2010

100% up too late yet still writing blog posts. yes 10pm is too late. shut up.

Here is the thing about a baby with a bedtime. You think you will get some time to yourself in the evening. In fact, you may or may not get time to yourself in the evening as there is a 40% chance of the baby requiring more care before you actually get yourself to bed. Plus another 25% chance of the baby waking up just as you are 75% asleep. They have sleep-dar.

Our particular baby is slightly making up for this issue by commencing to wave as well as clap. He kept yelling at me from across the room and I'd look up and he'd be mashing his paw open and shut at me. I swear he's also starting to sign "more." Maybe this time we'll get around to learning a few other signs. Dylan asked today if Ollie was teaching me sign language.

I am on orthopaedics currently. Motto: we have a diphthong, sometimes.

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