Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here, there, everywhere

Thank you all for the thoughtful responses to the princess stuff. A couple more thoughts. My feelings about this are certainly tied in with reading this new york times magazine article from 2006 that has a lot of similar discussion, but also goes into the relatively recent inception of the disney princess collective as a brilliant marketing idea. It really is not so much a thing about Dylan wanting to be girly as it is a feeling that I am hand delivering her to a large company at age 3. I also feel like this is the first of many things that is billed as a choice for girls that does not really have the air of "voluntary" about it.

On another note, here is a man who could certainly pull off a tiara.

His hair is starting to curl up in the back, as is his destiny. Speaking of Ollie, I would like him more currently had he not gotten up at 5am. Actually, that would have been okay. It was getting ME up at 5am that I have the problem with. Got that, Ollie?

And a glimpse at Daddy/Dylan yoga.

Oh, and the swimming! After several mediocre-bordering-on-painful lessons we decided to just teach her ourselves for a bit. It went really well so now I've failed to learn my lesson and signed her up to try again with the outsourcing of the swim teaching to a college student starting in a few weeks.

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