Thursday, August 19, 2010

dylan would like to please take your order

let's start with the specials

might i suggest the meat pizza?

okay, let me get all that down

an excellent choice, sir. fillet of fish it is.

i will let you in on a little secret. the chef, he is brilliant, but a little off-kilter.

oh. there he is now. he's young, i know, but he knows his purees like nobody's business.

he likes to check in with the guests personally.

his process is a bit nontraditional, but i can guarantee he never sends out a dish he hasn't tasted.

can i help you find something chef?

his seasonings are very important to him

he's got a bit of an attitude, though. he always threatens to walk if things don't go exactly how he wants them. some call him a bit of a baby. he doesn't like it when i say that though.

...and now he's going out back for a smoke. i apologize, sir. your dinner may be a bit delayed. there is a price to be paid for brilliance.

liner notes
1) dylan's birthday present involves a hodgepodge of items from a restaurant supply store. the internet is awesome.
2) chef ollie spent the last two days cutting his second tooth. he thinks this will expand his range, culinary-wise.
3) in order to personalize the dining experience, the chef very clearly and very personally referred to Dada this evening.

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Gillianboudreau@hotmail.com said...

Alright! Way to talk, Ollie!