Sunday, August 01, 2010

Trip, then home, in bullets

  • We were at a conference to figure out what to do with ourselves next year
  • Your guess is as good as ours
  • But we went up and talked to people, so we are proud of ourselves
  • Ollie allowed all this to happen, by alternately sleeping in the ergo and being charming
  • For eight hours
  • In a row
  • He did great on the flights, too
  • Except for that one
  • The murmur of "it's his ears" went up and down the plane like lightning
  • It was not his ears
  • Not to mention the wardrobe malfunction
  • I started muttering not very quiet threats about the next person to say "ears"
  • This was less of a security problem than Aaron
  • Who did not bring his photo ID to the correct city, at least not on the correct day
  • This designated him a "selectee" and required extra testing of all his stuff
  • Then they went through the rest of our stuff extra because I had baby food stashed everywhere
  • It was not actually a big deal and added maybe five minutes
  • If you are not flying out of the Ithaca airport your mileage may vary
  • But if your ID is really weighing you down and you need to jettison something, I won't judge
  • Anyway
  • We really liked Kansas City
  • Except for the airport, which was bleak
  • Except for that one security guard, who managed to be friendly, helpful, and chatty, all the while maintaining the demeanor required during the Changing of the Guard
  • We are home now
  • And we now have a baby with clapping action, as seen on YouTube:

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