Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rivulet of Conscious

Ollie does high fives now. Awesome.

THE YARD...my dream of home ownership involves having a landlord. Who is not me.

Orthopedics. Done. I worked with the shoulder guy, the knee guy, the foot and ankle guy, the sports guy, the spine guy, the cancer guy, and the emergency department. I am now hyperaware of the impact of every footstep when I'm running.

Ultimate season. Done. So hot. So humid. Frustratingly, I am actually a better athlete now than when I actually got to play sports all the time.

Dylan wants to play board games and card games constantly. I am too impatient, but it seems to work for Aaron. In fact, it may be right his speed. I know I'll come down one day and he'll have hands set up for Ollie and Snuffy.

New vegetarian-ish restaurant in town! So excellent. Between that and the cupcake places we're having a renaissance around here.

- Posted from my iPhone because Dylan took my computer

Location:Raleigh St,Rochester,United States

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Brigid said...

What's the name of this new vegetarian-ish restaurant?