Tuesday, October 26, 2010

brain dump

It occurs to me, Ollie + Elephant Ears = Olliphant


You know what is a surefire way to give your marriage a little stress testing? Deliberately enter into a situation where you are lost and both of you are carrying a child on your person.


First interview: complete. I was feeling all spiffy in my suit and then I joined the herd of other applicants in their black suits and it seemed somehow less spiffy and more of a way to tag us for either friendliness or avoidance, depending on your goals.


Dylan can do paint by numbers by herself. That just seems so functional of her.


You know what they do when you get a cheap rental car? They try to embarrass you by giving you a purple PT cruiser knockoff and then asking...hey, do you want a nicer car for a few more bucks? I am impervious to your efforts, enterprise.

- Posted from National airport on the way home from a trip to Michigan because WHY IS THE DIRECT FLIGHT $500?

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